Happy Monday


Sometimes Mondays can make you happy!
Especially when the Fedex delivery guy rings the bell and is waiting with a special delivery from Saks Fith Avenue with very special content.

It’s a long story with me and the Chanel Espadrilles and a kind of a nightmare.

First I did not like them and I thought “Why the hell does everyone want to have them???” – I just did not get it… Then oh yeah it came to me all of a sudden. I saw them in Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and Jakarta. I creeped around them and creeped around them.
On instagram I saw more pictures and I could not get them out of my mind. No way! That was it! I had to have them.
Okay, but how if they are sold out everywhere?? And I mean everywhere.
Thanks to my business travels I travel Asia quite often and I really visited every Chanel boutique: Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta and last but not least Munich. I could not hear it anymore : “Sold out”!! Jesus…. really.
It was a tough challenge! In Munich they even don’t give you any information by phone. Nothing! Munich is 300km for me.

So last week I had to go to Hanoi for business and as always I could not sleep. I checked my instagram account and saw a post from one of the sales assistants at Saks Fift Avenue: Black Espadrilles size 37!! Yeah! That was it. I immediately sent an e-mail and guess what?? Sold! But the Lauren the nice sales assistant e-mailed me a day later to tell me that she had another pair. My pair!!!

And today they arrived. I love them! I really, really love them. They are so comfy…. And I’m sure it’s not my last pair – should I ever manage to get another pair! 🙂

 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117

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