And finally I got them….


There was not one day when I did not see a picture of those booties on instagram or in a fashion magazine! However, I do not know why I never got myself to buy them… Strange! First I thought I have too many Isabel Marant Dicker booties which are nearly the same. That’s what I thought…

The more pictures I saw the more I craved for them. And they are different, totally different. It’s quite hard to find them where I live (countryside near the black forest in Germany) so I had to order them online. I like online shopping 🙂 And tataaaaaa here they are: my first Acne Pistol booties. I ordered them directly on the Acne Studios homepage

IMG_3203 IMG_3204

I usually wear a size 37 but it said that they run big to size and they do. I ordered a 36 and it perfectly fits. They are very comfy, a bit tight around the ankle but the leather will stretch – I hope 😉

Me and online shopping and stopping after getting what you wanted to buy? No, of course not. I browsed the complete site and I literally had the feeling that I need to have everything. NEED to have, of course. But I told myself to behave 🙂 I could not resist to buy this gorgeous knit pullover. I absolutely love the color as well as the fact that you can remove the collar. Oversize is nearly a must this season.

Acne Knit


Some outfits will follow very soon!!

What I crave now??? – ACNE DENIM!! Desperately, but I told myself to behave 😉

Thanks for reading


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