Perfect booties meet favorite jeans

Christian Louboutin BootiesAutumn is here and finally it’s time to take out all the booties which were hidden in the shoe cabinet.   Mmh strange… when spring time arrives I think vice versa.
As soon as I opened my shoe cabinet those beauties where smiling at me and I had to smirk.

My booties have a special story. The first time I laid my eyes on them was in New York in February. My friend Alice and I were desperately trying to find the Manolo Blahnik store in New York during a heavy blizzard storm. It was our first time in New York and despite this blizzard we had an amazing time. On the way to the Manolo Blahnik store and after we had asked many, many people to give us the right directions; a very, very stylish lady passed by and she had those booties on. The moment I saw them I fell in love. My mind could not get rid of them. But where to get them?? I called nearly every Christian Louboutin store in the world but no, nothing to do. They were either sold out in my size or not available. I was about to give up.
Until a few weeks ago I browsed several websites and I coincidentally ended up on the Vestiaire Collective website and then I saw them! New and in my size. I did not hesitate and bought them straight away. Finally I had my Christian Louboutin Troop Booties – and they are really comfy! No regrets. I’m sometimes quite hesitant regarding the fact whether the offered shoes are original but the lady even kept the receipt and is a registered Louboutin client.

I could hardly wait to put some outfits together with my catch. With what else could you pair such booties than with your favorite denim? I’m a big denim fan and I buy denim everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it is Zara like in this case, or Dsquared, J Brand, Adriano Goldschmied… Okay I have to admit Adriano is my favorite! But I also like these here from Zara – the color is amazing and they fit perfectly. Not to say that they are really comfy… I hate denim which is hard and itchy! I completed the look with a cashmere sweater and hat, my favorite biker jacket and my grey Balenciaga City Bag.

Thank you so much to Julia for these amazing pictures!
And thank you for reading my story.

Christian LouboutinHermes Belt010a011aBalenciaga City Bag

Cashmere hat: Hallhuber
ashmere Sweater: Uniqlo
acket & Bag: Balenciaga
enim: Zara
hows: Christian Louboutin Troop
elt: Hermès


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