Excited because of a box??? – Yes, of course it’s a Céline BOX Bag

Céline Box Bag

Why is it that we are always craving for something we cannot have so easily? Doesn’t matter whether it’s a handsome guy (I wonder where all those princes are, but that’s a different story), a specific jeans, SHOES (I know, I know) or a specific bag???

Céline Box Bag red
Is it because it’s a challenge for us? Or is it because we do not lose the interest so fast in the specific item we are craving for?

To be honest with you – I don’t know… But the thing about me is that I always want the stuff I cannot get. This time it was the Céline Box Bag. When I first saw this bag I did not show much interest in it. I’m note sure why – maybe because of the shape. But then it was like I got struck by lightning. I needed it – immediately.
But where to get it? The challenge was not only to find a Céline Box Bag but THE Céline Box Bag – a red one. If you spent a lot of money on a specific bag you of course would like to have your dream bag in the color you adore. For me it was red, because I haven’t had a red bag so far.
So I started to look for it – everywhere in the world. Due to my job I get to travel a lot, but well I did not find it. Oh sorry, I found it in China but it was like 800 Euro more than here in Europe – I know I’m crazy but I’m really not that crazy.

A couple of weeks ago I challenged myself again and decided to call every Céline store in Germany, France and Switzerland. 2nd phone call and I was successful. I could not believe that luck was on my side after having stalked all the shops. The Céline store in Paris, Rue Grenelle had it. Since I received it  – I love it. You can wear it with a casual outfit like this one or with an elegant outfit – the festive season is around the corner 🙂
I hope you like the bag and the outfit!

Thanks to Julia for these amazing pictures and thank YOU for reading.

Outfit 014a 025a 018a Céline Box Bag red 005a

008a 010a

Coat: Zara
Jeans: Current Elliott
Sweater: Mrs & Hugs Cashmere
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Scarf: Zara
Bag: Céline (try here)
Cashmere beanie: Hallhuber

4 thoughts on “Excited because of a box??? – Yes, of course it’s a Céline BOX Bag

  1. Your Box is so gorgeous! I for myself am after a black one, since I’m boring and always go for black in everything. 🙂

    So, you found your Box in Paris by telephone call and you went there by yourself to pick it up? Or are you saying they do ship to their customers?


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