The shoe of the shoes

Manolo Blahnik

I have to admit I have a lot of shoes… But these are the shoes of my shoes. I love them and sometimes I’m really hesitant to wear them because they are really special to me. Everyone has a pair of shoes they treat like a real treasure, this is my treasure.
I bought them during the time when I lived in Dubai three years ago and I have never regret it.
I live in the Southern part of Germany and it’s quite hard to find a store where you can buy Manolo’s… It’s either Berlin, Düsseldorf or my favorite one in Munich: Marion Heinrich. They have a very good selection but you have to be quick as they sell like hotcakes.

When I wear these shoes I feel really special, I have no clue why but I just do and from time to time every girl should feel special. It may sound ridiculous to others but this is how it is me.
In the beginning I thought well you have to wear them to special occasions but every occasion is special and it just depends how you style them. You can wear them to a wedding or a black tie event and you can wear them with destroyed denim and a simple white shirt, that’s all you need…

This time I tried a culotte and I never thought that I will ever try to wear, but I really like them. What you shouldn’t miss in fall is a tren chcoat. Fall is the perfect season for trench coats. For me the combination of Manolo Blahnik and Bruberry was just perfect… Simple and elegant.

I love the contract between the blue and the autumn colors

Thank you so much for reading and thanks to Julia for the pictures


Burberry Trench Coat

Chanel Boy Bag

Manolo Blahnik




Trench coat: Burberry
Culotte: Uterque
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Shirt: H&M
Bag: Chanel Boy Bag

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