Heavenly heavy knit and boots I did not fell in love with at first sight, but things change

Anine Bing Charlie Boots

I love to combine different structures and styles but I still would like to be myself. Sometimes when I go shopping with my friends and try on something I get the following to hear: “Well, that’s not you!”. Then I reconsider I have to admit they are right. I’m not a person who buys expensive stuff right away, I always have to make up  my mind first and I have to have several outfits in mind for a certain pieces.

The Anine Bing boots –  the first time I saw them I thought no, no, no. Then I saw them the second time and I was like: okay, okay not bad. The third time I was in Frankfurt in order to get my visa for Saudi Arabia and my mind was like: okay, I have to have them! But where to get them when they are sold out everywhere again. Same story every time with me…
Thanks to Instagram I found a boutique in Dortmund Linder Fashion, I wanted to order them online but sneaked by and snatched them. Amazing store with all the brands I love. As I live in the Southern part of Germany, Dortmund is about 500km away, but I’m thinking of doing a monthly trip there 😉

But not only do I love the boots, I also love the heavy knit sweater which I found in Münster in my absolute favorite boutique Love Story. The best knit wear and special pieces I have ever seen – we are not talking about mainstream or high end designers but stuff everyone can offered with amazing quality.
(instagram: shop_love_story). The sweater is super soft, cozy and just perfect to combine with destroyed jeans and my Anine Bing booties. Well that’s me!
What do you think?

Thanks to Julia for the pictures: http://lux-us-fotografie.com/new-born/

Thanks for reading

Anine Bing and Celine
Heavy Knit sweater


Anine Bing Charlie

How to be parisian

Zebratod heavy knit

AG Jeans

Sweater: Zebratod shopped at Love Story in Münster
Shirt: H&M
Denim: AG Jeans
Boots: Anine Bing Charlie
Bag: Céline Phantom

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