When the world breaks down – you have to learn to fly again


I think I have been going through the worst 4 weeks in my life and I am now 32 (quite old what).
But anyway I think that everyone is going through such a time and at the moment I’m trying to be strong to get up again and walk away from all that hurts me. And I am very lucky to have friends and family by my side who are supporting and loving me unconditionally. (I’m not sick or so, it’s just a very bad heartbreak).
Going through this I found my passion for fashion again which I had lost for a bit, this fact keeps me going and I enjoy what I do.
Currently I’m sitting in Dubai, in the city where I once lived and it gives me so much comfort. I know I have to go back very soon but still I’m happy to be here and to see old friends again.
Having 30 degrees Celcius here and looking at my ilovemrmittens Cardigan makes me smile.
Julia and me did the shooting quickly before I left. She is always supporting me and trying to comfort me and I highly appreciate this. Here pictures are always amazing, always.

What would the world be without dearest friends who are there for you. Nothing…

Hope you like the outfit.
Big hug from Dubai



I have to learn to fly again

Cardigan: ilovemrmittens
Pants: Helmut Lang
Shoes: Cristian Louboutin
Shirt: James Perse
Bag: Celine Box Bag

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