Keep calm…


I just returned from a business trip to Dubai which I call my second home as I once lived there for a while.
When you travel you learn a lot about people and especially about the behavior of people at airports or airport lounges. 

Due to my high frequent traveler status I don’t have to queue anymore for the check in and I’m allowed to use lounges worldwide. Some may think that’s over the top but when you go once or twice a month on an intercontinental business trip you really appreciate the benefits of lounge access and priority check-in. Sometimes I spent more time at airports than in meetings.

I had the weirdest experiences in airport lounges and I have met some very nice and inspiring people. With some I’m still in contact and some I won’t meet again but I was happy when they shared their valued time with me.

That’s the good side…. Guess what, there is also a bad side!

Some people behave like they own the airline itself or the complete lounge.
I hate it when people start doing phone calls at the top of their voice. Do they wanna get attention? Do they want to be recognized as business men??? (I have never seen a woman doing that, sorry guys). I don’t wanna know which deal they are about to conclude nor do I wanna know about their next projects or anything fancy they just bought! They really act as if they need the attention…
Gentlemen: money talks, wealth whispers. Just in case you want to impress someone.

I also do make phone calls when I’m in a lounge but only if I really have to and then I’m trying to find a corner or a quite place and I nearly whisper on the phone in order not to disturb anyone.

What else to do then to keep calm… If you have ever watched the movie Bad Boys I’m trying to do the ‘Wuuuuhhhsaaaaa’ thing 😉

I could write a book about my travels, there would be a lot to laugh about.

Now to my outfit… I have never been to Copenhagen so far, as I only travel Asia and the Middle East but I love Cecilie Copenhagen and I was happy to get this jacket which turned out to be one of my favorite. I have put together an outfit using different textures to try something new.

Thanks to Julia for the pics! I love shooting with her as she does not make me feel weird or embarassing  or not worth doing all this…

Thanks for reading 🙂






Outfit details:

Jacket: Cecilie Copenhagen or shop here Jades24
Jeans: Closed
Shirt: H&M (men section) not anymore available online, similar here
Shoes: Valentino Rockstud similar here
Bag: Saint Laurent

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