Stay true to yourself


I’m a big fan of casual and comfy outfits, but I also like to dress up.
Well I sometimes I cannot decide whether I should go for a casual look, an elegant look, a messy look or whatever.. Do you know that feeling?
I like playing around with different materials, looks, textures etc. I often get  comments like: “You always look different…” I know and if would always look like the same it just wouldn’t be me.

It does not have to be one label from head to toe or a full designer outfit. I buy nearly everywhere (I do avoid some brands, just because I know their employee policy sucks…) but I wear H&M with Chanel, ZARA with Hermes, or ZARA with Louboutin. Why not?
It’s just me…
One day I wear sneakers, the other day I wear Louboutin So Kate, the next day I wear slippers. So what? No one has to be elegant all the time and no one has to wear sneakers all the time. Doe it mean that if I wear Louboutins I’m not allowed to wear Sneakers? No, not all. Playing around with looks is something I love… Especially when they are comfy.

It’s all about just to remain due to yourself and your style and not to look like a canary bird.

I now have to pack my suitcase again as I’m off to my next business trip tomorrow… A long way to go.

Thanks to Julia for the amazing pics.


Happy Sunday everyone


I cannot live without coffee….



My absolute favorite leather jacket… so madly in love



Sweater: Closed (sold out)
Jeans: Closed
Shoes: Adidas, Model Hamburg
Jacket: Céline, bought at Marion Heinrich
Bag: Celine Nano
Belt: Hermès
Glasses: Mykita 

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