A word full of colors… or a colorful world


Easter weekend… a bit of time to rest and to breath some fresh air for new tasks ahead!

Even though we have all seen the devastating pictures of the recent attacks in Belgium and Turkey and the plane crash in Russia we should not stop traveling and exploring all the different colors of our beautiful world.
Everyone can contribute to make it a bit better and nicer, sometimes a smile is all that’s needed and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Traveling the world is like writing a book
Writing a book is like telling stories
Telling stories is like sharing your experiences
For new experiences you have to be brave enough
to try something new
To try something new means new beginnings
New beginnings mean that you could fail
But it also means that you could win
Either way you will win anyway and you will grow
from what you have seen and experienced
Without trying you won’t experience anything new
It’s never a failure but always a lesson – just in case.
-my thoughts today-

I was very happy to do this shooting with Julia as the sun was shining and we found a colorful background for my favorite Balmain Blazer which is THE most perfect Balzer I have ever owned: color, cut, fit… everything is just perfect and it was worth spending money on it. Now, time to save money for the white one 🙂









Blazer: Balmain or here
Top: American Vintage or here
Jeans: H&M (cropped it myself) 🙂
Bag: Saint Laurent
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120
Belt: Hermès

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