Instagram vs. Reality


What is instagram?
Why do we do instagram?
Why do we share pictures?
Why are there haters?

For me instagram is a platform to share my passion for fashion, for style and for experiences during my business trips. For me it’s not a show off place.
But it’s a place to inspire others, to exchange experience and to help and support others.
From time to time I get DMs or comments from my followers with good recommendations where to buy some special pieces or where to make a good bargain. On the other side I am also happy if I can give some advice or provide information where I got my special fashion pieces. The list is endless. Of course I do have my own instagram rules. Everyone should have, I wouldn’t share everything – for example: very expensive jewellery (I don’t have by the way). But that’s just my rule and my law.

For me instagram shouldn’t be a place for haters and it is definitely not a place to offend and abuse someone!!
It’s a place to be creative and to meet other creative people and not to blame someone because Hermès is preferred over Louis Vuitton. That’s bullshit!!!!
Thank god we do not all have the same taste or the same opinion otherwise our world wouldn’t be such a colourful world.

Remember there is always a human being with feelings behind every picture. A private person. Everyone on instagram has a private life not only a public instagram life. An instagram profile might give you the impression that the specific person is always happy and everything is just glitz and glam (might be true for some). But it’s just an impression you DO NOT know what kind of struggle they are fighting in real life. Therefore, what you do not wish to be done to yourself, do not do it to others.

If I don’t like someone’s style, I don’t follow – as simple it is. If I don’t like that someone is a show off and sponsored by parents, boyfriends, husband etc. I don’t comment. I mean why should I comment something in a rude way? Or why should I offend this person? There is no reason, because this person prefers the showed lifestyle. I don’t have to share this lifestyle and I won’t. But let them be, if they are happy with it. More important I don’t know the reason behind it.
So far I only made good experiences on instagram. I met some incredible and really nice people who became my friends in the meantime. Yes, you can make real friends on instagram. Why? Because they share your passion and you can talk about your passion with them and the most important thing, when you become friends you care for each other! They are real life friends – and not only instagram friends.

Share whatever you want because it’s what you like and do not let haters influence what you post or what you love! Just ignore them.
Always say to yourself: “If they don’t like us and they still watch what we do – hey, they are fans!”

Therefore, be kind to one another!


Thank you Julia for these amazing pictures!
My haircolor for which I get a lot of questions is created by DeLuca Hair:!








I love this outfit 🙂
Hat: Maison Michel
Knit Dress: H&M
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Coat: All Saints
Bag: Céline

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