I’m just more….


Lately I was thinking about the fact how people judge me because of my instagram pics. 

This week I was going through all the pics on my laptop in order to organise them and I found some old skiing pics which are really my favorite ones.
Yes, I can do more than just shopping and fashion.

I’m a big mountain and snow fan. However, I haven’t been skiing a lot throughout the last two years and there are two reasons behind it:
– my excessive business travels (110 travel days, 30 long haul flights every year)
– my skiing buddy moved countries

We were not the ones going down the regular slopes but the backcountry where no one else has been before and where the snow is untouched and powder.

I can be a tomboy and not only a fashion girl!
One thing does not outrule the other, does it??

And hey, we are all just more than just a fashion pic on instagram!








Blazer: Balmain
Shirt: Gap (old) similar here
Pants: Mango
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Céline Box Bag

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