Flower Power, Mr. Big and trust


The most famous shoe ever… I think it really is.
Every Sex and City Fan won’t forget the scene where Mr. Big finally proposed!
I never regretted buying it and never will.

Did I ever buy stuff I regretted buying? Oh yes I did… who didn’t.
But most of all I regret the stuff I never bought. For example a Christian Louboutin Bootie called Resilissima (not the one with plateau). For two years now I can’t stop thinking about these booties. Two years… crazy, isn’t it.

But in life it should always be about the stuff we never did that we regret, instead of the stuff we did that we regret.
We should never regret something that we did… but something that we never did. That also means that we have to be brave, brave enough to try something new. Brave enough for a change.
It makes no difference whether this is gonna be a new job, a new love or a new friendship. Cause all these things require an incredible amount of courage. Don’t you think so?
For me it took me a lot of courage moving to Dubai, it took me courage to show my feelings towards someone you are about to start a relationship with, just because I was afraid of getting badly hurt and it takes a lot to trust someone in a friendship.
On my left wrist I have an arabic tattoo: ثقة (thiqa)
It simply means trust.
Did I sometimes fail? Yes, I did.
Did I regret it? Only once… and I’m gonna tell more about it soon.

Back to the outfit… Spring, flower power and Manolo Blahnik. Will that fail? – No, never!


Thanks to Julia for the amazing pictures!! https://lux-us-fotografie.com

106a Kopie








Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Skirt: Zara
Shirt: Zadig et Voltaire
Bag: Chanel Jumbo

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