Girls vs. Boys


I’m mean really?
Sometimes when I get into a store and I compare women’s and men clothing I’m a king of astonished…. Why? Because our clothes are more expensive than men stuff. Have a look at the renowned Gucci shirt. Woman Style: EUR 390 compared to man: EUR 350.
So what did I do I ended up ordering size small for man :-). We all have to save money for our next dream bag.

But I not only end up buying men’s clothing for example: white shirts. I sometimes think that for certain brands the men stuff is a lot cooler. So I started browsing the men’s section. And what did I see: off-white. I mean how cool is this brand. I love their style which is pretty cool and easy and comfy but the shirts for men a lot coooooooler than the one’s for women. But as they are really oversize even extra small is too large for me as I’m quite petite. Nevertheless, I ordered a shirt for me which will shipped in September – yes, really September! And now it’s July. So I have to stay calm and be patient. Not really one of my best performances.

In the meantime I’m jealous that Mr. B is owning an off-white shirt 😉





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