Lady in red…


Who doesn’t know the song by Chris de Burgh. Whenever, I hear the song it reminds me of Princess Diana.
So far I wasn’t a lady in red as I usually rely on my going to colours: nude, grey, black, beige, soft pink…! By the way my favourite colour is white. 

It was time for a change when I saw this dress at H&M in Stuttgart. As soon I lay my eyes on something and I fall in love immediately with the fashion piece I know it’s the right piece to buy. This red dress is actually not my style but I nevertheless fell in love. Of course I did not buy it. A minute later the battle between the angel and the devil on my shoulder started.
Angel: “Buy it!”
Devil: “You won’t wear it!”

I did not take the price of EUR 39.99 into consideration, only the fact: “Am I really going to wear it?” It does not matter how much something costs but how often am I really going to wear it.
I left the store and thought: well if you really want it buy it online. Well it was sold out online… Typically me! Three days later I was still thinking about the dress (yes that’s me as well) – there was no other way as to head back to Stuttgart to get it in store. In our H&M they did not have it. Guess what, there was only a size 36 left… which is not my size.  I went into the fitting room in order to check whether there might be one piece left. And there was… So I went back home with my red dress and I already had in mind how to wear it.
What yesterday seemed impossible as far as style is concerned is possible tomorrow 🙂

A big thank you goes to Antonio DeLuca – DeLuca Hair! He is not only responsible for my hair color (believe me I have the weirdest ideas about my hair) but also for these amazing pictures. I really love them. The biggest problem I have when someone is taking pictures of me is that I feel intimidated. But I never had this feeling during the shooting, not even for a second. It was actually really, really fun. Especially the moment when Antonio thought he lost the memory card of the camera 🙂
Thank you sooooo, sooo much! When I saw the pictures the first time I even had a tear in my eye!










Dress: H&M (sold out at the moment)
alternatives here and here
Shoes: Dior
Bag: Céline Box Bag (bought at Marion Heinrich)
more affordable version here

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