F*** and LOVE


Honestly I’m not big into jewellery and I don’ know why. I basically have two pair of earrings: studs and a pair of Dior Tribales which were a gift. Oh, I forgot two bangles and one necklace and some Tiffany bracelets. That’s it. 

If someone asked me what my favourite jewellery is I’d say my rings! F*** and LOVE. It’s the same with fashion your either love it or you’re like okay f*** off with that fashion thing.
I’m definitely a fashion lover. So it’s love for me but some pieces are like: okay F*** OFF with that thing. It doesn’t happen very often, but it happens. Jewellery was always like okay I don’t need it – I don’t want it. But lately I discover myself checking out some jewellery websites. But it’s really just basic stuff, nothing fancy. Big on my list is the Cartier Love bracelet. That needs some serious money saving.
I don’t even wear a watch – which I should have done due to all that travelling and catching flights and running errands. That’s a different story…

I was looking for the F*** ring everywhere here in Europe but I couldn’t find it until I went to a very special store in Munich which does not exist anymore. Slips. The owner was so helpful and enthusiastic to find the ring for me and before Christmas she called me and told me that she was successful. Unfortunately Slips is closed in the meantime. It’s actually a shame that more and more small boutiques are closing and only the big department stores survive. I loved the store with Lala Berlin, Missoni, No. 21, Anine Bing, Golden Goose… and the personal shopping experience. I definitely miss Slips in Munich at the Gärtnerplatz. Here is a link to a nice report on the store!

Here is the summer outfit of the summer outfits for me! I love the wide leg pants, the peplum top and the sun 🙂

Thank you Julia for capturing these pictures! — Lux-us Fotografie











Rings: F*** (Art Youth Society) and Love (New One)
Top: Zara (sold out) similar here or here
Pants: H&M (sold out) similar here or here
Shoes: Steve Madden or here
Bra: Anine Bing
Bag: Chanel WOC
Sunnies: Dior

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