Nothing to wear….. back to basics


Nothing to wear… Who hasn’t been standing in front of the closet with the famous sentence in mind: “I have nothing to wear”!

I think everyone had this problem so far and in the end if we don’t have an idea what to wear we go back to basics. Jeans, top, blazer, high heels and a classic bag. Well, that’s what I do.
I wouldn’t wear ripped denim in the office. No go for me. But I’m sure for some it’s allowed… depends on the business. Would be strange to walk into a bank seeing your consultant in ripped denim and a statement shirt like: “I can see the future and it’s expensive!” 😉

Basics for me are: a nice white shirt (hardest thing to buy), a good pair of ripped denim and regular denim, silk top, black blazer, strappy sandals and a nice pair of pumps. You don’t have to go for very expensive pieces but in basics fashion pieces you can invest as they will keep you for while – besides a white shirt! I always manage to spill something over me: coffee, jam, chocolate, yogurt…

Thank to Antonio from Deluca Hair for these amazing pictures. I really adore them… as they show so many emotions and feelings.

So here you go with my best of basics and when I have nothing to wear!









Top: American Vintage (sold out) alternative here
Blazer: The Kooples (on sale), alternative here
Jeans: Citizen of Humanity Liya, alternative here
Shoes: SchutzSchutz, flat version here
Bag: Hermes Birkin Bag


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