Be different – PART I

Well… I never thought that I would ever see pictures like that – pictures from me. Why? I thought I cannot look different and that I cannot be transformed… until two weeks ago Antonio from Deluca Hair asked whether I’d like to do a shooting with him… 

It was all spontaneous and all different – already! The shooting was supposed to be the next day. He had this idea to do this ballerina shooting with an artistic touch. Not a typical fashion shooting… Kim (check out her youtube channel) jumped in with make up – she was excited to do a Black Swan make up. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know whether I was brave enough to be different… I was concerned that his idea won’t work with me as I’m not a pro model, not even close to it.

But courage is rewarded. It worked pretty well and when I saw the results I was surprised that we all can be different and can look different without changing our character. The photos show a totally different side… maybe a bit of a darker side. Everyone has this sophisticated dark side that is shown from time to time for an instant.
In daily life I would never wear smokey eyes,  well I even couldn’t do them in such professional way.
We are not always the white swan, we all are black swans, not very often but once a year everyone is a black swan. Who doesn’t know the drama between Odile and Odette…

The synergy between the delicate ballet dancer and the black swan make up is pure art in my opinion. It brings up different emotions – emotions which are the complete opposite to each other. Soft and hard. Gentle and rough.
We don’t have to pretend to be different, we can show a different side through pictures and the emotions that we realise in the picture.

What I want to tell you is, that it’s okay to be different and not to be perfect. We all have to show our rough side to be able to manage tough situations which we all have to go through in our life and we definitely suffer from them. But we also can draw strength from negative experience in order to grow personally. First, we don’t realise that we need negative situations in order to experience positive situations.
We all have been through this valley of tears, loss, job loss, heartbreak, pain etc…. but in the end we all came out stronger and with a different perspective.







DSC_0403 Kopie


Pictures: Antonio Deluca
Make up: Kim Marin
Model: Just me




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