A day at Deluca Hair- my hairdresser story


First of all: THIS IS NOT SPONSORED nor do I have a code nor did Deluca Hair ask me for it!! I asked Antonio to take the pictures :-). But I know how hard it is to find a good hairdresser, who knows his job and who is honest, even the truth is sometimes hard. 

I really don’t like if people who don’t know each other really well or who know each other only through social media are like: “Hello my darling, hello sweetie, hello sweetheart…” etc. What’s that??? That’s not authentic to me.
The reason why I’m writing this here is the following:
After I moved back from Dubai to Germany I had to look for a new hairdresser. My hairdresser in Stuttgart moved… Well, all the girls know that this is not an easy task. Sometimes quite a mission impossible. So I went to a hairdresser close to Stuttgart and the color turned out to be a nightmare. Antonio just opened his Salon Deluca Hair and I had heard about it through a friend. So I called the salon in order to make an appointment and I was really lucky – I only had to wait a week or so.
So I came into the salon and Antonio greeted me the following way: “Ooooooooh my god!” His face really shocked,  no hello – nothing. And the reason is the following:


Well I guess you understand why…. My blond was kind of orange!
But it was just honest!! It was horrible. My thoughts: “How the will he fix this!” He fixed it. And I was happy. That was the moment I knew: I have a new hairdresser, who knows his job.
What I appreciate about Antonio and his team: they are honest, he is not always doing what I want him to do and he tells me his real opinion. No fake.
Believe me, if he would do what I wanted him to do – I wouldn’t have one hair left on my head. Why? Easy – that’s me: one appointment “Oh I want powder blond” – next one “Oh can we do platinum blond”, next one “can we do a natural blond”, next one “can we do balayage ombre”??.
Two appointments ago, I wanted to have a really light blond. Roots down to the end. He agreed but immediately told me: “Sonja, that’s gonna be a huge maintenance effort and your hair will be damaged.” Well, we did it. I was happy about it. So the last time I explained that I want to do the same color again and he said: “No!!!” I was a bit disappointed but he explained why and I knew that he was right. That’s something I really appreciate. So there is no appointment without a proper consultation. A good consultation can only be done fact to face and not via social media.
I remember that after one appointment I was a bit disappointed because my roots came out very early and my first thought was: what did he do. So I explained my problem the next time and he explained it to me in a way that was logical to me and I knew it wasn’t him but that’s the nature of our hair – to grow! And we have to explain our hairdresser exactly what we want in the same way as we would explain a health problem to a doctor. They cannot read our mind! The imaginations we have for our hair color often differ from the reality that’s possible – something we have to accept.  We see a lot of pictures on social media but we shouldn’t forget that we have photo shop, different lightnings and everybody has a different natural hair color. I had to learn as well. So thank you very much Deluca Hair for teaching me.

There was not one time when I came into the salon and I wasn’t welcomed in a nice way that is not fake. I have always been offered a coffee or any other drink. And now he has macarons from Luisa and her coffee shop: “So schmeckt Liebe” (I should go more often).
It’s about the small things that count.
Another thing is: it’s not only about him but also about his team members. He is not only putting himself in the limelight but also his team members. His opinion might seem to be quite harsh sometimes but it’s the truth.

I really get a lot of comments on my hair. I can style it myself, but cut and color is on the team of Deluca Hair.
Time to take you through an appointment at Deluca Hair.














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